Commercial UAV Expo Releases Series of Free Reports

Commercial UAV Expo Releases Series of Free Reports

The Commercial UAV Expo has announced the release of a free series of reports that showcase how and where professionals charged with the inspection and monitoring of industrial assets such as electricity pylons, pipelines, and rails are actually using drones to make these tasks more efficient and safer. Additionally, the reports focus on the many ways in which professionals working in land surveying, precision agriculture, mining, construction and more have been and are set to leverage UAV technology in 2017. The reports can be downloaded here.

The “How are Professionals in High Tech Industries using Drones in 2017?” series is focused on seven different vertical industries.  Those seven industries are:

  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Mining & Aggregates
  • Construction
  • Process, Power & Utilities
  • Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Search & Rescue
  • Precision Agriculture


“It’s interesting to explore the similarities and differences that professionals in all these different areas are sorting through in 2017,” said Jeremiah Karpowicz, Executive Editor of Commercial UAV News and author of the reports. “For the most part, regulation is a topic that pops up for everyone, but it’s a much bigger challenge for some than for others. On the other side of that, the role that public perception and reaction plays for the people looking to use drones on a farm is very different from the search & rescue professionals that want to use UAVs to make their efforts that much more powerful. It’s just an example of the opportunities and challenges that exist for commercial operators of all shapes and sizes.”

The reports feature insight from a variety of professionals across the drone industry. The experts that are quoted in the reports include: Dave Henderson, Director of Geospatial Sales, Topcon; Lewis Graham, President and CTO, GeoCue; John Perry, CEO, Altavian, Inc.; Thomas Haun, Executive Vice President, PrecisionHawk; Norm Lamothe, ‎Co-Founder - Head, UAS Agriculture at Deveron UAS; Linda Rhodes, Project Manager at Commonwealth Edison Company; Patrick Sherman, Founder, Roswell Flight Test Crew; and Gene Robinson of Drone Pilot, Inc.

“Our events are focused on high precision technology for highly technical work, and these reports reflect the best practices, applications and challenges that we’ve been able to more fully explore at our events,” said Lisa Murray, Event Director for the Commercial UAV Expo. “These reports will provide you with insight that will help you assess where and how things are going to change with your industry or with drone technology in 2017.”

All seven of the reports in the series “How are Professionals in High Tech Industries using Drones in 2017?” are free and available for download here.

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