Compact All-in-one Vector GPS Compass Products - 08/02/2011

Hemisphere GPS announced the release of two very compact GPS compass products; the V102 all-in-one and the H102 OEM module. These products are ideal where heading and positioning are needed for marine and land based applications such as yacht navigation, auto-pilot systems and machine guidance for earthmoving machinery. V102 is the market’s smallest, single-enclosure GPS compass and positioning system, while the H102 OEM board, found in the V102, is the market’s smallest fully-integrated single board GPS compass that provides a low-cost yet highly accurate solution for integrators.

Based on Hemisphere GPS’ successful Crescent Vector II GPS technology, V102 and H102 provide 0.75 degree heading accuracy while supporting NMEA 0183 communications format. In addition, H102 also supports NMEA 2000 communications format. The stable and maintenance-free design of V102 provides robust GPS positioning and heading and its small size that allows for fast installation. Both V102 and H102 include the Crescent Vector II GPS technology, two multipath resistant GPS antennas, a single axis gyro, and two tilt sensors. With these integrated sensors, the V102 also provides pitch, roll and heave measurements all on a single board in conjunction with precise heading and 60 centimeter position accuracy with differential corrections even while stationary.

V102 and H102 are the culmination of 30 months of research and refinement to the hugely successful Vector design to offer excellent performance, in-band and out-of-band interference rejection, and a fast time to first fix all with a short 27 centimeter baseline between antennas. Plus, with Hemisphere GPS’ patented COAST technology, both products maintain differentially-corrected positions for up to 40 minutes after loss of signal.

V102 and the H102 OEM board will be available starting in March 2011 through the Hemisphere GPS Precision Products global dealer network.

Last updated: 29/09/2020