Compact Dual-frequency Series Added to GNSS Antenna Family - 19/07/2013

Tallysman Wireless Inc., Canada, has added the Dual Frequency TW3800 Series to its line of antenna products. The TW3800 Series antennas feature a circular stacked patch antenna for improved axial ratio, yet are small and light, and have the extended bandwidth required for L1/L2 GPS & G1/G2 GLONASS.

The operating voltage range is from +2.5 to 16 VDC. The antennas have a temperature compensated LNAs and operate from -40 to +85oC to provide reliable performance in most any environment. The TW3800 is packaged in a through hole mount making it very suitable for mobile applications.

The TW380x is suited for many applications, including:

  • Anti-jamming GPS

  • Mission-critical GPS timing

  • Military & security

  • Network timing and synchronisation

  • Precise tracking

  • High signal availability

The TW3805 is the OEM version of the TW3802, and can be custom-tuned to provide optimal performance inside virtually any housing. 

Last updated: 27/01/2021