Copernicus Masters Challenge Seeks Smart Environmental Solutions - 26/06/2017

Protecting our environment around the globe is key to guarantee sustainability. Supporting this worldwide endeavour by tackling major hazards like fires, floods and global warming is a driving force of the Copernicus Masters, Europe’s leading Earth observation (EO) competition. Participants now have the chance to benefit from outstanding prizes for their EO-based business ideas.

Sustainable solutions are crucial to mitigate main causes of global climate change. These kinds of solutions are exactly what the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is looking for with its Copernicus Masters Challenge. DLR scouts future-oriented products and services using EO and remote sensing data, to solve worldwide difficulties. The respective application fields are countless: Society, environment, climate, human health, natural resource preservation – just to name a few. Those can include agriculture, city planning or ideas for the generation, distribution, or consumption of energy. Participants are encouraged to explore the integration of Sentinel satellite data and innovative ways to link remote-sensing-based products and services with user needs. The ideas can also describe a real-world implementation scenario that includes the general public and/or potential commercial benefits.

Powerful Prizes

Copernicus Masters participants are stimulated to capitalise their business ideas based on EO. The winner will be granted access to the Copernicus Accelerator programme, if eligible. This European Commission (EC) initiative provides a tailored business coaching scheme to entrepreneurs delivered by experienced mentors with valuable expertise. Moreover, the winner has the chance to receive a ticket to the next satellite launch in Kourou. In addition, cash prizes and substantial satellite data quota are awarded.

Environmental Information

Environmental information helps to understand how our planet and its climate are changing, influencing our daily lives. The rapidly changing environment requires near real-time EO data, which Copernicus delivers through its Sentinels and in situ sensors in a reliable manner. This allows for decision makers, businesses and ultimately citizens to take the right actions. Copernicus gives users free, full and open access to data and services. Europe’s EO programme is one of the top three largest data providers worldwide. Entrepreneurs are called to make smart use of this data and turn it into business ideas through signing up for the Copernicus Masters.

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