Coptrz and Wingtra Enter Strategic Partnership - 10/12/2020

Coptrz, a UK-based commercial drone solutions provider, has become the first premium partner in Europe of Wingtra, a VTOL fixed-wing UAV manufacturer based in Switzerland. Coptrz and Wingtra began working together in 2017 and has been expanding their footprint in the UK market ever since.

Wingtra is one of the world’s leading VTOL drone producers for mapping, survey and mining industry professionals. Since its market entry in early 2017, Wingtra has partnered with more than 70 of the biggest global equipment dealers and has been selling mapping drones globally ever since.

Steve Coulson, CEO of Coptrz: “We’re proud to work with Wingtra and that we have successfully enabled an exponential growth within the UK market. Being the first premier partner of Wingtra in Europe, we now aim to massively expand its use in the UK market during 2021.”

Knowledge of aerial surveying

Coptrz is the first premier partner of Wingtra in Europe; making them the first port of call to provide fixed-wing drone solutions. The partnership with Wingtra showcases the trust they have in Coptrz as the UK’s leading drone solution provider. Wingtra recognizes Coptrz as the provider of excellent customer service and support to the end-user – they also have extensive knowledge on aerial surveying provide leading technical support for those implementing fixed-wing technology.

Terence Thiel, sales manager at Wingtra: "Since the beginning Coptrz have demonstrated a focus on bringing value and demonstrating Wingtra’s ability to improve Drone operations across the UK. We are glad to have them as the first premier dealer in Europe and look forward to even more success in 2021."

The drone sector is growing at a rapid pace and projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 17.04%; the growth can be attributed to the increasing use of small drones in both consumer and commercial applications.

James Pick, business development manager at Coptrz: “We are the first Prime Distributor in Europe which shows how much of a fantastic success Wingtra has been within the UK survey community. This has been made possible by our extensive support and service we provide to our customers making everyone a success story."

Last updated: 28/01/2021