Czech Memories

Czech Memories

Welcome to the ISPRS Congress in the overwhelmingly beautiful Czech capital of Prague. And I am not one of these famous pop artists who screams to any audience, wherever in the world, that he is performing in his favourite city. Trust me, Prague really is one of my favourite cities, so I am very excited that the XXIII ISPRS Congress is being held here.

As a student I spent a semester in the Czech Republic, in Pardubice, about 100km east of Prague to be precise. This was in 2007 and it was definitely one of the best times of my life, if not the very best. Exchange students from all over the world, followed by lots of partying and friendships for life . I cherish a lot of great memories and in 2014 – slightly more grown up – I took the opportunity to return to the Czech Republic. The student club on the campus was still there and the owner recognised me immediately. I used to be DJ at some of the legendary parties, so that’s probably why. What a wonderful time!

And now the ISPRS Congress brings me back to this country and, more specifically, to Prague. Several thousands of photogrammetry and remote sensing professionals will gather in the city of the famous composers Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana. It is a great honour to publish a daily newspaper during the ISPRS Congress and I hope that we manage to produce eight editions of the ISPRS Congress Daily that are well worth reading. Enjoy your stay in Prague, try to make friends for life as well and travel home with a lots of new knowledge and inspiration!

Wim van Wegen
Editorial manager GIM International (and the ISPRS Congress Daily!)

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