Datumate joins forces with Birds Eye Aerial Drones

Datumate joins forces with Birds Eye Aerial Drones

In an alliance aimed at transforming surveying practices for engineering and construction firms worldwide, Datumate has entered into a strategic partnership with Birds Eye Aerial Drones (BEAD). Datumate is a leader in construction data analytics, while BEAD is a pioneering force in aerial surveying led by industry veteran Scott Painter.

The synergy between Datumate’s analytical capabilities and BEAD’s operational excellence is expected to redefine surveying practices. Construction and engineering firms now have the unique opportunity to outsource their surveying needs without compromising the quality and depth of survey information required for complex projects.

A range of new surveying solutions

Scott Painter, founder and CEO of BEAD, brings over three decades of aviation expertise and was among the first to receive FAA approval for commercial drone operations. The new alliance combines Datumate’s innovative analytical technology with BEAD’s operational prowess, promising a range of new surveying solutions.

From aerial photography to Lidar and from topography to digital twins, the partnership promises a full spectrum of aerial survey services enriched with Datumate’s analytical prowess. Merging both companies’ capabilities will offer new possibilities for geospatial professionals around the world.

“This partnership aligns with our mission to provide actionable aerial data that empowers clients to make informed decisions. Combining our aerial expertise with Datumate’s analytical technologies, we are setting a new standard in surveying services,” states Painter.

“By partnering with Birds Eye Aerial Drones, we are expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings. Our clients can now benefit from a comprehensive surveying solution that leverages the best of drone technology and analytical software,” comments Datumate’s CEO Dror Friedman.

The partnership offers a comprehensive surveying solution that combines advanced drone technology with powerful analytical software. (Image courtesy: Datumate)
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