Demonstrating Safe High-precision GNSS Positioning and Correction Solutions for Autonomous Driving

Demonstrating Safe High-precision GNSS Positioning and Correction Solutions for Autonomous Driving

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS technology, and Sapcorda, specialized in safe broadcasted GNSS correction services, have announced live demonstration of a safe high-accuracy positioning and correction solution for automated driving. The companies have combined their respective technologies to seamlessly deliver the benefits of Space State Representation (SSR) technology to OEM car makers and Tier 1 integrators.

These benefits include decimetre-accuracy within seconds, anywhere over an entire continent, to support autonomy levels from lane keeping to full autonomy in a totally homogeneous coverage. The GNSS augmentation service is scalable through simple broadcast corrections, and safety-awareness is provided via Sapcorda’s integrity concept and Septentrio’s integrity monitoring engine.

GNSS correction service for mass-market applications

“We are excited to be able to provide live demonstrations of Sapcorda’s safe and precise correction service especially designed for autonomous driving,” comments Jan Van Hees, business development director at Septentrio. “Sapcorda provides a unique high-precision GNSS correction service designed for fast, homogeneous accuracy at continental coverage, thus ideal for autonomous and mass-market applications.”

“Septentrio specializes in high-precision and high reliability GNSS positioning for a variety of industrial and commercial markets. They have developed a range of technologies, including jamming robustness and integrity positioning to support safety-sensitive applications in various challenging environments. Combining this with our safety-centred correction service, it is a unique solution for developers of autonomous driving systems,” says Goran Jedrejčić, business development manager at Sapcorda.

“With fast and efficient implementation of Sapcorda SSR-based correction service into Septentrio’s GNSS-platform, we were able to demonstrate the efficiency of the technology for automotive use in a robust and highly efficient way,” confirms Jedrejčić. “Septentrio offers a great blend of GNSS-based technologies and is an ideal partner for both traditional and new markets, with growing demand for high-precision positioning.”

Multi-constellation GNSS receiver SiP module

Septentrio recently announced its new mosaic compact multi-constellation GNSS receiver SiP (System-in-Package) module, available in 2019. The Septentrio mosaic, a multi-band, multi-constellation receiver in a low-power surface-mount module with a wide array of interfaces, is designed for mass market applications like robotics and autonomous systems. The mosaic module integrates the latest GNSS and RF ASIC technology, as well as the robust positioning engine from Septentrio.

All Septentrio GNSS receivers and modules feature AIM+ technology, the most advanced on-board interference mitigation commercially available. Septentrio GNSS receivers can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed jammers.

Sapcorda and Septentrio have put together a solution which can be demonstrated right now in Europe and North America.

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