DGPS Receiver for Handheld Mapping - 28/09/2009

During the ION GNSS 2009 Conference in Savannah (GA, USA) Hemisphere GPS unveiled the XF102 DGPS receiver. The XF102 is the latest addition to Hemisphere GPS' XF-Series of DGPS receivers for handheld mapping. Hemisphere GPS' XF102 is ideal for professional GIS applications and surveying, and is specifically designed to work with the popular TDS Nomad handheld GIS data collection device.



The XF102 includes a rugged and maintenance-free smart antenna and Compact Flash adapter that stands up to the most demanding environments. Powered by Hemisphere GPS' Crescent receiver technology, it offers superior positioning accuracy required for precise positioning applications such as GIS mapping. Pairing the TDS Nomad's large memory and processor capacity with the XF102's superior raw measurements and accuracy creates an exceptionally robust and affordable DGPS solution. The XF102's start-up and reacquisition times allow users to power it on and get right to work.

The XF102 supports SBAS differential corrections and Hemisphere GPS' exclusive e-Dif extended differential option. Also, if the receiver temporarily loses the differential signal, Hemisphere GPS' COAST technology maintains accuracy for up to 40 minutes. Raw GPS data can be recorded for post-processed mapping or survey-grade positioning accuracy. The low power consumption of the XF102 conserves handheld battery power, and an optional external antenna is available for additional accuracy. 



Last updated: 30/09/2020