Diamond Aircraft Announces New Distributor for Germany - 20/12/2012

From December 2012 onwards, Air Alliance, located at Airport Siegerland in Germany, will be the official German distributor for Diamond Aircraft’s civil product range, from the DA/DV20 to the DA42-VI. The company will also provide all aircraft-related services.

Existing customers can continue to expect the same level of service from Diamond Aircraft at Egelsbach. In addition, aircraft can now be maintained by Air Alliance at Siegerland Airport (EDGS).

Wolfgang Krombach, managing director of Air Alliance, is pleased that both Diamond Aircraft Industries and Air Alliance will be operating jointly in the

German market from now on. He sees this distribution agreement as forming a basis for further strengthening Diamond’s market position in Germany. Diamond Aircraft is looking forward to marketing the products and to co-operating with the highly motivated and skilled team from Diamond Aircraft.

Last updated: 24/11/2020