Earthworks X300 Excavator Machine Guidance System - 24/08/2010

Hemisphere GPS has released the Earthworks X300 excavator guidance system. Integrating Hemisphere GPS' patented Crescent Vector GPS compass technology X300 measures and displays three-dimensional excavator positioning to operators, vastly improving excavation proficiency and accuracy and greatly reducing rework.

Following the successful release of the X200 full two-dimensional machine guidance system in March of this year, X300 provides real-time three-dimensional visual feedback to the operator on the position of the bucket teeth relative to a design grade surface. X300 will also function in a full two-dimensional mode when jobs do not require a three-dimensional design file. ‘Design Grade on site' features offered through the touch screen interface conveniently guide the operator through two-dimensional jobs. Even the smallest contractor will realise the benefits of higher productivity, increased safety, and a quick return on investment.

X300 facilitates this through a combination of ultra-rugged tilt sensors, GPS systems, three-dimensional design file, and an operator touch-screen display. The device is developed for both coarse and fine-grade excavation applications including site preparation and general earthwork, road construction, mining, utility trenching, complex grading, and marine dredging.

Last updated: 10/04/2020