Efficiency and Productivity for Maptek - 02/06/2010

Mining technology and services provider Maptek will host its North America Users Conference in Denver, Colorado from 13th to 15th September 2010. The conference will focus on maximising efficiency and productivity, essential ingredients for successful mining operations.

Delegates will participate in presentation and discussion forums, with case studies highlighting personal experience and successful practices. This will stimulate discussion with an eye to how future demands can be met.

Keynote speakers will be Dr Bob Johnson, Founder of Maptek and Dr Clayton Deutsch, Professor and Director of the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta, Canada.
‘Maptek products and services are aimed at optimising a mine's value - we can ensure that the same systems, personnel and investments are better integrated to work more efficiently and productively,' said Jon Larson, General Manager, North America. ‘Our experience and know-how ensures we create innovative and effective solutions that our customers can rely on.'

'Maptek has been working in North America for almost 30 years. This is an excellent opportunity for past, present and future customers to get together and shape the development of technology for the mining industry,' he commented.

Attendees are welcome from the global mining community to discuss issues and swap ideas with peers. The conference is open to all - not just Maptek customers. The event will be held at the Inverness Conference Center in Denver, Colorado. Maptek product forums will run immediately following the conference to allow customers to maximise the value of their travel budget.

Last updated: 28/01/2021