Embedded GPS L1 Antenna - 13/01/2012

Tallysman Wireless has released the TW1015 Embedded GPS L1 Antenna and the TW1017 Brickwall Filtered Embedded GPS L1 Antenna. Both antennas are small, low-profile embedded GPS L1 antennas, specially designed for industrial, military, precision positioning and timing applications.


The antennas feature a high-performance, custom-tuned ceramic patch element, and a very low noise amplifier (LNA), optimised to capture the LNA noise figure for OEM applications. The TW1017 SAW pre-filter prevents saturation of the LNA by high powered terrestrial L-Band interference

The built-in 35mm circular ground plane can be augmented with host system ground surfaces

Tallysman offers custom services to assist in integration of the OEM module into end-user solutions.


Last updated: 24/10/2020