Emlid and Pix4D release mobile terrestrial scanning kit for faster data capture

Emlid and Pix4D release mobile terrestrial scanning kit for faster data capture

Emlid, the manufacturer of Reach GNSS receivers, has launched the Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit. The kit combines advanced photogrammetry with RTK precision for quick data capture when documenting trenches and as-builts, performing volumetric measurements, and enriching aerial data with terrestrial scans. All this by using a smartphone, the PIX4Dcatch app, and the Emlid Reach RX RTK rover.

The newly released PIX4Dcatch app facilitates precise scanning for both photogrammetry and Lidar projects, while the hardware features the Emlid Reach RX RTK rover with an ergonomic handle. The Reach RX integrates seamlessly with PIX4Dcatch, offering real-time positioning via NTRIP. This integrated solution requires no additional setup or specialized surveying skills, making it accessible to anyone on the team for effective data collection.

The versatile Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit proves invaluable across industries for applications such as underground utility documentation, construction inspection, volumetric measurements, crash reconstruction, and combined aerial & terrestrial surveys.

Hardware and software highlights

On the hardware side, the Emlid Reach RX achieves centimetre-accurate positioning, weighs 250 grams, and is IP68 rated for protection from water and dust. It can be easily carried and charged on the go. The kit also includes additional accessories: a scanning handle, ground tags, and a carrying case.

Software-wise, the PIX4Dcatch mobile app enables smartphone-based scanning, access to RTK precision data, and rapid generation of digital models. The Standard Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit allows for online data storage, annotation, measurement, and sharing via PIX4Dcloud. The Advanced kit offers advanced photogrammetry capabilities, team collaboration, and AR for CAD overlays, powered by PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey.

The Pix4D & Emlid Scanning Kit combines advanced photogrammetry with RTK precision for efficient data capture. (Image courtesy: Emlid)
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