Engesat Signed as South American Distributor of Fuze Go Software - 23/10/2014

Scene Sharp Technologies, Canada, has announced that Engesat Satellite Images has been signed as a distributor of Fuze Go image fusion software in Brazil. Based in Curitiba, Engesat will sell Fuze Go MS Sharp and SAR Sharp software to its geospatial customers in Brazil and throughout South America.

Engesat is a major source of satellite imagery products in Brazil, said Kevin Marasch, client distribution manager of Scene Sharp USA. Engesat began using the Fuze Go software to process commercial imagery products in 2013 and was so impressed with the MS Sharp pansharpening algorithm that it became a software distributor, he added.

Engesat sells imagery from nearly every commercial Earth observation satellite, including Pleiades, GeoEye, TH-1, WorldView, SPOT, KOMPSAT, TerraSAR-X, DEIMOS, ALOS and many others. A large portion of Engesat’s business involves performing processing enhancements to the imagery, such as geometric correction, pansharpening, orthorectification, and elevation extraction. The company’s clientele primarily includes private organisations involved in environmental, agricultural, mining, watershed and other resource applications.


Fuze Go MS Sharp yields higher-quality pansharpening results than any other image processing software package that Engesat has tried, said Laurent Martin, Engesat director. Fuze Go is highly automated, and the company uses the optional Batch Processing upgrade to pansharpen thousands of square kilometres of image data overnight during commercial production operations.

Fuze Go is a fully automated technology that enables users to quickly and easily fuse digital image data sets without losing any of the spectral information content. Fuze Go MS Sharp software fuses high-resolution panchromatic image data with lower-resolution multispectral data to generate a high-resolution color image. And Fuze Go SAR Sharp fuses gray-scale radar data with optical multispectral bands to colorize the SAR dataset.

Spectral information

Fuze Go MS Sharp is the only lossless pansharpening algorithm available today, said Scene Sharp’s Marasch. The Fuze Go technology was developed for users of remote sensing imagery who cannot afford to lose valuable spectral information content from pixels during pansharpening.

Greater information content in multispectral image data allows end users to make better informed decisions. In addition, Fuze Go MS Sharp is the only fusion software capable of simultaneously merging up to 30 bands of multispectral data with a panchromatic image, making it a suitable fusion package for users of the recently launched Digital Globe WorldView-3 satellite.

The Fuze Go products are excellent complements to full-feature image processing suites, said Engesat’s Martin. But Fuze Go is also a cost-effective stand-alone solution for geospatial users whose applications require only pansharpening and data fusion.

Fuze Go MS Sharp and SAR Sharp join the lineup of other geospatial software packages distributed by Engesat, including solutions from LizardTech, AVENZA, Golden Software and Blue Marble.

Last updated: 24/05/2019