Enhanced GIS Package Featuring Lidar Tools - 22/06/2012

Blom, Norway, has released v3.5 of its desktop geospatial application, BlomDESKTOP, including significant improvements to Lidar functionalities. Aimed at professional and academic GIS users, BlomDESKTOP Viewer offers advanced measurement and interrogation capabilities in a stand-alone package. The latest release largely focuses on the addition of new Lidar viewing and measurement features.

Improved features include new measurement tools for the Lidar 2D profile view; customisable Lidar colour modes based on classification, height, true colour and intensity and additional Lidar viewer functionality, including point size and image export. There is a new GUI for 3D viewer and improved performance, increased proxy support – PAC (Proxy Auto Configuration) files now supported and a range of other improvements including improved language support

BlomDESKTOP Viewer is compatible with all Blom data models, including vertical and oblique aerial imagery, height data and the recently released Blom3D city models.

Last updated: 14/12/2019