Enhanced VueStar Aerial Survey System - 22/03/2006

NavCom Technology (CA, USA) has introduced an enhanced version of VueStar aerial survey solution combining its new StarPac utility software that facilitates better integration into pre-existing workflows.

VueStar's complete global navigation system is configured specifically for all aerial survey applications and utilises the global satellite-based StarFire Network to provide precise positioning worldwide without the need for RTK base stations or GPS post processing.

This new system introduces three significant enhancements: Improved GPS signal processing, StarPac Mission software, and the optional Event Latch Interface.

The new 12-channel, dual-frequency GPS receiver computes real-time positions at up to 25 times a second, re-acquires GPS signals faster, and includes improved troposphere modelling which better compensates for changes in altitude.

Providing both pre-mission and post-mission processing, the new StarPac mission software provides critical tools for mission planning, as well as RINEX conversion, datum conversion, trajectory plotting and output of position data in a number of formats, along with a quality/figure of merit for each position.

And, the optional Event Latch Interface conditions the event signal, allowing VueStar to operate successfully with a variety of cameras and airborne sensors. This self-powered module also contains internal de-bounce circuitry to ensure proper event timing.

Last updated: 28/08/2020