Enrich Your Knowledge at the Intergeo Conference - 05/09/2018

Besides being the leading trade show for the worldwide geospatial industry, Intergeo is also a highly respected conference – and this year ‘GIM International’ is proud to be hosting one of the conference sessions called ‘What’s Next in Surveying and Mapping’. During the two-hour session, delegates will be taken on a journey through the rapidly changing landscape of the mapping and surveying profession.

Wim van Wegen, content manager at GIM International, will be moderating the session, which promises a varied line-up that addresses the key geospatial topics. “Ranging from big data to the role artificial intelligence will play in our industry, and from the use of smartphones for generating point clouds and 3D models to a critical look at the future of UAV photogrammetry, I believe we’ve succeeded in putting together a programme that will enrich the attendees’ knowledge and fill them with inspiration,” comments Van Wegen. Moreover, since geoinformation is a crucial element in the digital revolution, the session will guide the audience through the potential of 5D location intelligence and examine how to accelerate digital maturity.

“I’m really looking forward to this exciting meet-up. We have arranged five speakers who will provide everyone with some excellent food for thought and new ideas. In line with this thought-provoking approach, there will of course be time for questions and interactive discussion. Hopefully the feedback afterwards will confirm that we’ve managed to strike the right balance between nice-to-know and need-to-know information,” adds Wim van Wegen.

The ‘What’s Next in Surveying and Mapping’ session will be held on Thursday 18 October at the Forum, from 11.00 to 13.00 CET. For an overview of the speakers, see below. The entire session will be conducted in the English language.

Programme of the conference session.
Programme of the conference session.

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