Eos launches Arrow Gold+ with Galileo HAS for confident real-time accuracy

Eos launches Arrow Gold+ with Galileo HAS for confident real-time accuracy

Eos Positioning Systems has recently launched its Arrow Gold+ GNSS receiver. This receiver supports the free, new Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS) for initial differential correction, which allows Arrow Gold+ users to achieve better than 20cm real-time accuracy with 95% confidence anywhere in the world. Eos Positioning Systems is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures GNSS hardware and related solutions for the GIS market.

Eos chief technology officer Jean-Yves Lauture describes this as a game-changer for mobile crews in every industry worldwide: "Our customers today can use the Arrow Gold+ receiver with the new Galileo HAS Initial Service to achieve consistent, free sub-foot accuracy anywhere on the planet. This launches a new era of what is possible."

Galileo HAS is a widely anticipated differential correction service developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA). Its Initial Service constitutes Phase 1 of its go-live, which occurred on 24 January 2023. On that date, Galileo HAS became the first global differential correction service to provide sub-foot accuracy to compatible GNSS receivers anywhere in the world, completely free of charge.

"We had been planning for this for quite some time, knowing that our customers would be able to benefit so greatly from this revolutionary correction source broadcast from the Galileo satellites themselves," Lauture said.

Pioneering spirit

The Arrow Gold+ is one of the first high-accuracy GNSS receivers designed specifically for the GIS market to support the Galileo HAS. During Phase 1, field workers worldwide can expect a convergence time of less than 20 minutes via the Galileo HAS Initial Service. In Phase 2, which the ESA currently estimates will go live as early as 2024, these times will drop to less than two minutes for Europe and less than five minutes for the rest of the world.

"Eos GNSS receivers have always brought something unique to the GIS market, starting with 30-60 centimetre accuracy using just SBAS [satellite-based augmentation system] corrections," Lauture added. "Today, we are continuing this pioneering spirit by offering our customers the same experience they expect from an Eos receiver, with the unprecedented worldwide accuracy of Galileo HAS."

Arrow Gold Plus GNSS receiver. (Image courtesy: Eos Positioning Systems)
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