ERP Software Developed with TatukGIS SDK

ERP Software Developed with TatukGIS SDK

TownSuite Municipal Software is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution developed specifically for municipal governments. It aims to eliminate reliance on third party solutions by providing a configurable and comprehensive collection of software tools connecting municipal departments and community stakeholders. The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (.NET and ASP.NET Enterprise editions) is used to develop and improve TownSuite Mapping, an intuitive GIS/mapping application that is integrated into the other TownSuite applications.


GIS for the Organisation

Since the Developer Kernel is licensed free of per client deployment royalties or run-time fees, TownSuite Mapping can be affordably integrated into every module that is developed to leverage available GIS data across the organization. This means any authorised staff (not just the GIS specialists) can connect to and productively use municipal mapping information.


Municipalities can choose from Financial, Planning, GIS-Mapping, and Asset Management applications and a variety of Web Service applications providing access for stakeholders via Customer, Recreation, Complaints, Employee, and Maintenance portals. All TownSuite Municipal Software applications are designed to work together. Software improvements are provided on an ongoing basis, making TownSuite a living software that grows, adapts, and evolves to fulfil the needs of over 160 municipal organizations across Canada, as well as in Sri Lanka and Bermuda.


For larger municipalities with advanced GIS requirements, Developer Kernel support for enterprise spatial databases (Oracle Spatial, MSSQL Spatial Server, PostGIS, Geomedia, ArcSDE...) enables scaling TownSuite to connect to, edit, and query data in multiple enterprise-level spatial database formats. This eliminates expenditure of resources on evaluating and/or migrating to alternative GIS platforms, and instead retains existing GIS tools. Other features include full integration with Google Maps and Google Earth, 3D mapping presentation with floodplain simulations, DTM draping, and light and shadow simulation.


Images: Civic addresses, owner info, zoning, and water and sewer infrastructure along with setbacks retrieved from Mapping.


DK 3D engine utilised to drape aerial photos over a digital elevation model to present terrain relief and simulate flooding.

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