eSpatial Releases iSMART 5.4 - 24/04/2008

eSpatial,has announced its latest Geospatial software product iSMART 5.4. The software provides both an out of the box web GIS and application development capability to deliver pure-web based multi-user business applications incorporating GIS functionality and web services in standard Enterprise IT environments. iSMART is the most comprehensive solution to complement Oracle's Spatial technology platform. It provides enhanced functionality that takes advantage of the new capabilities offered in the latest Oracle database release, Oracle 11g.

With iSMART 5.4, all functions, including editing, are available in a pure web environment (using AJAX) with no active-X control, plug-in, applet or download needed in the browser.  The pure web editing includes enhanced features such as the digitising and editing of multi-geometries and arcs as well as new dynamic snapping, Auto-trace and Union facilities. This provides the ability to deliver browser based, integrated business applications featuring user editing, viewing and analytical capabilities, usually only available in traditional desktop GIS and CAD tools.


iSMART 5.4 provides a new JavaScript & Ajax API for a rich set of spatial capabilities in pure web applications, including editing, in addition to viewing, searching, thematics and more, enabling Developers to embed GIS capabilities in mainstream business applications. This provides the ability to control directly the features and capabilities available to an end-user based on the specific task and workflow being carried out. The iSMART solution consolidates business and spatial data (e.g. separate CAD / GIS files) into a single seamless environment in Oracle.


Other major enhancements include a new Query Builder including support for spatial queries and retrieval of saved queries, new visualization capabilities including symbols from custom fonts, mouse-over map tips and enhanced labelling including labels generated via SQL queries and label rotation.  iSMART 5.4 now also supports Apache Tomcat.


Last updated: 24/05/2019