Esri User Conference 2016 in Full Swing - 28/06/2016

The Esri UC 2016 officially got underway on Monday 27 June with various plenary sessions. The official opening was preceded by forums, workshops and seminars all weekend. The world’s largest gathering of GIS professionals was addressed by Jack Dangermond, president of Esri, who shared his vision on how GIS will build a smarter and more sustainable world. Sustainability through GIS, building a green infrastructure and the merging of imagery and maps are just some of the focal points of this year’s conference.  

Jack Dangermond’s address was followed by a number of guest speakers who shared their views and experiences of using GIS. Ian Smith of the Auckland City Council, New Zealand, explained how GIS is being used to create the world’s most liveable city, and Shannon Peterson and Bryan Adams of Guy Carpenter explained how they are providing insurance companies with real-time data and spatial analysis to help them support their customers in case of losses through disasters or otherwise.

With hundreds of content-based sessions throughout the week and a large exhibition where Esri partners are showcasing their techniques built upon the ArcGIS platform, the participating industry professionals once again have a full and interesting week ahead of them at the Convention Center in San Diego, USA.

Last updated: 19/01/2021