EU and Korea Seal Galileo Agreement

EU and Korea Seal Galileo Agreement

Following exchanges that lasted for six months, negotiations on the Republic of Korea’s participation in Europe’s satellite radionavigation programme reached an approval. The agreement which paves the way for the country’s active participation in the programme was initialled in Brussels by Heinz Hilbrecht, director, representing the European Commission, and by Counsellor Choi Jong Hyun, representing the Republic of Korea.

The agreement provides for co-operative activities in the areas of scientific research and training, industrial cooperation, trade and market development, standards, certification and regulatory measures, regional and local augmentations, etc.

The Republic of Korea, the fourth economical power in Asia, is a country mastering space technology and its applications. It is a producer and user of consumer electronic goods and systems for which satellite navigation brings effective competitive advantages since several years. The Republic of Korea is currently an active user of satellite navigation services in various sectors including transport, fleet management, science and geodesy.

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