EuroCOW 2016: Call for Abstracts - 02/09/2015

The organisers of the EuroCOW 2016 Workshop, to be held from 10-12 February 2016 at the EPFL campus, Lausanne, Switzerland, have issued a call for abstracts. EuroCOW 2016 is a meeting with a long tradition which is organised on behalf of ISPRS and EuroSDR.

This biennial event intends to bring together the world's experts, both from public and private sectors, to present and discuss the recent findings and developments on navigation/optical sensor calibration and orientation. With the recent development of autonomous platforms, this traditional field of photogrammetry and geodesy integrates with robotics, computer vision and system control.

The organisers are setting the conditions for a practical, informative and informal three-day meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, and expect to attract real experts with hands-on experience in the field. The presented contributions will be published in the ISPRS archives.

For EuroCOW 2016 the following topics are invited:

General topics:

  • Progress in INS, GNSS, timing technology and algorithms.
  • Progress in tie-feature extraction
  • Update on large- and medium-format airborne cameras
  • Lidar sensors for aerial (manned and unmanned) and terrestrial-mobile systems
  • General orientation and calibration algorithms and procedures
  • Orientation and calibration of terrestrial mobile mapping systems and sensors.

Special topics:

  • Orientation and calibration of UAV-borne systems
  • Safe navigation of low-altitude flying unmanned aircraft: integrity and reliability
  • Small and miniature UAS photogrammetric and remote sensing payloads
  • Inverse-imaging methods
  • Integrated methods
  • Calibration and synchronisation of mass-market cameras
  • Tailored mapping sensors for UA photogrammetry and remote sensing payloads
  • Calibration of lightweight Lidar and hyper-spectral sensors. 

Contributions on the latest development are expected from the main event sponsors (former EPFL-startups) now recognised leaders in their respective domains: senseFly and Pix4D.

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