Exhibitors are gearing up for GEO Business and Digital Construction Week

Exhibitors are gearing up for GEO Business and Digital Construction Week

A showcase for innovation

We asked a number of exhibiting companies why they are looking forward to GEO Business and Digital Construction Week. Read on for their reactions, including a preview of some of the innovative highlights that will be on display.


“Attending an event is always inspiring because meeting in person is truly invaluable. Every trade show is a gateway to fresh challenges, new experiences and broader horizons for growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to connect with the geospatial community at GEO Business 2024. We’re eager to showcase how our products tackle the ever-evolving challenges of 3D surveying. Thanks to the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, we support results-oriented professional acquisitions. Visitors will be able to see our versatile HERON 3D mapping systems in action and experience the power of Reconstructor, our advanced Lidar data processing software. We will be exhibiting alongside our trusted partners, MLCL, who have first-hand experience with the reliability of our products in their service activities and in combination with the Quantum Systems they resell. We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences and carving out new perspectives together.”

For more information on Gexcel, see here.

Phase One

“We highly value the opportunities that GEO Business offer for networking, knowledge sharing and staying abreast of industry trends. Attending trade shows allows us to connect face-to-face with industry peers, explore cutting-edge technologies and forge valuable partnerships. We are particularly excited about GEO Business, as it provides a premier platform for geospatial professionals like us. We look forward to showcasing our UAV portfolio and aerial systems, alongside immersing ourselves in the latest advancements in geospatial technology. GEO Business offers a diverse range of exhibitors, insightful seminars and hands-on workshops, making it an ideal environment for us to engage with likeminded professionals, share ideas and gain inspiration for future projects. We are eager to participate and contribute to the vibrant geospatial community at GEO Business.”

For more information on Phase One, see here.


“We are eagerly anticipating GEO Business as it marks the product launch of our new point cloud platform called Pointorama. This platform is designed to revolutionize the workflow of land surveyors, saving them significant time while enhancing precision and efficiency. This innovative solution empowers users to edit point clouds swiftly and accurately, addressing noise, inaccuracies and overall data quality. With Pointorama, teams can seamlessly collaborate on point clouds, facilitating data sharing, annotation and collective decision-making to elevate project outcomes. Participating in GEO Business provides immense value as it allows us to showcase this new product to a large audience who will immediately recognize its benefits. Professionals in the field often spend valuable time on tasks that Pointorama can resolve with just a few clicks. We are particularly excited to hear the reactions and feedback from industry experts at the event.”

For more information on Pythagoras, see here.


“We highly value trade shows for their ability to connect with industry peers, showcase our innovations and foster partnerships. Attending these events is crucial for staying ahead of market trends, gathering feedback and expanding our network. GEO Business, in particular, offers a prime platform to highlight our geospatial solutions, engage with professionals and explore new opportunities. We eagerly anticipate the chance to showcase our advancements, such as the VZ-600i 3D terrestrial laser scanner, and contribute to the progress of the geospatial sector. We’re looking forward to a great 2024 GEO Business event.”

For more information on RIEGL, see here.


“At this year’s Digital Construction Week and GEO Business, we will showcase our field-to-office-to-field workflows based on geospatial and construction technology. The combination of two shows provides a unique opportunity to highlight how data from a variety of sensors can be utilized in construction software and how 2D and 3D model data can be seamlessly integrated into field data capture workflows for QA/QC or to facilitate BIM workflows. BIM workflows benefit from having a common data environment like Trimble Connect that enables the central collection, management and dissemination of all project information. The event provides a great opportunity for our Trimble team to meet existing and new customers in person and learn about their applications and their challenges. These talks, and the wider context of the show, help us get a sense of industry trends and the latest technological developments. They also provide us with valuable input for the development of solutions that facilitate a more connected way of working around shared data for the different trades on a job site.”

For more information on Trimble, see here.

GEO Business offers a diverse range of exhibitors, insightful seminars, and hands-on workshops, making it an ideal environment for professionals to engage with like-minded peers. (Image courtesy: Diversified Communications)
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