FIG Congress 2018: Istanbul - 10/10/2017

The 26th FIG Congress will be held from 6-11 May 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. This event is the meeting place for the international community of surveying, geodesy, cadastre, topographic mapping, valuation, land and geospatial professionals – from survey companies, professional organisations, academia, geospatial software and services providers, governments, engineering companies and interested parties. The theme of this exciting week-long conference is ‘Embracing our smart world where the continents connect: enhancing the geospatial maturity of societies’. Scientists, experts, managers, policymakers and decision-makers, stakeholders and students from all over the world are invited to join the discussions on issues affecting the international surveying, land and spatial community today and in the future. The Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadaster Engineers (CSCE) will host this main FIG event.

A few years ago, the profession identified the need for providing reliable, evidence-based open and/or low-cost data which will describe a ‘spatially enabled’ society. But today we realise that we have an additional task to ensure that these data and tools are used intelligently by society and governments. The challenge for the profession is to develop further skills properly in order to increase the usability of such spatial data, to process this available information and to develop fit-for-purpose tools to enable societies to ‘uncover’ the missing information and reduce inequalities.

General Assembly and Young Surveyors

The event includes the FIG General Assembly and the 4th FIG Young Surveyors event. Together with the exhibition and a combination of side events and social/technical activities, the FIG Congress 2018 will be of interest to participants from all over the world and will be a memorable, not-to-be-missed experience. The technical programme will be a mixture of invited speakers in high-level sessions and an open call where around 400 to 500 papers are expected. Abstracts for papers must be submitted by 15 November 2017.

The history of Istanbul dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. It is one of the most impressive and attractive cities where cultures and continents meet – at the border of Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a world-class venue for a conference and exhibition and it is an ideal environment for social tours combined with widely renowned gastronomy. 

Orhan Ercan, Co-Congress Director
Louise Friis-Hansen, FIG Director and Co-Congress Director

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