FIG Working Week 2016: Recovery from Disaster - 25/09/2015

FIG is inviting surveying professionals to participate in the upcoming FIG Work Week, to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, from 2-6 May 2016. The FIG Working Week is an exciting week-long conference that brings together the international community of surveying professionals.

The overall theme is 'Recovery from Disaster'. New Zealand is a geologically active country with a history of seismic events and post-earthquake Christchurch is an ideal location from which to consider this theme. Many inhabitants throughout the world face various kinds of disasters, apart from earthquakes as in Christchurch, such as flooding, storm events, tsunamis, drought, the after effects of conflict and suchlike, that are a worldwide challenge, especially taking the effects of climate change into consideration. Disasters, natural or otherwise, directly impact surveyors and spatial professionals and their work on the land, under the seas, in the air and in space.

The three consecutive conference days from 3-5 May will give attendants an interesting mix of high-level plenary senssions, content-driven technical sessions, attractive technical tours, a dynamic exhibition, and of course a great opportunity to visit New Zealand with its stunning landscape and unique flora and fauna.

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