Finland Becomes Chair of Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the EU - 23/07/2019

On 1 July, the chair for the Permanent Committee on Cadastre (PCC) in the European Union (EU) was transferred to Finland for the rest of the year. The committee brings together the national cadastral institutions in the EU, and influences the EU organs by emphasizing the significance of cadastral data.The EU’s INSPIRE directive pursues the sharing of spatial data materials. The National Land Survey of Finland coordinates the implementation of the INSPIRE directive in Finland.

“I credit the PCC for influencing the EU Commission in connection with defining the spatial data material for the INSPIRE directive”, said Arvo Kokkonen, the director-general of the National Land Survey Finland. “With a common spatial data infrastructure, we can use spatial data generated in Finland everywhere in the EU. This will diminish the amount of overlapping work and lower the costs,” Kokkonen added.

Good practices used as a template

The Cadastre Committee focuses on maintaining a network of experts and exchanging information. National legislation prevents the copying of good practices as it is.

“The better we know the cadastral registers and other cadastral systems of other EU member states, the easier it is to develop transboundary services,” Kokkonen continued. The director-general does not believe that a common cadastral register will ever be built for the EU, but instead expects that the member states will continue to have national cadastral legislation.

What will be the role of the cadastral register in the future?

During the Finnish presidency, developing the property transaction ecosystem will be looked at and focus will be on the contents of the future cadastral register already being researched by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute of the National Land Survey of Finland within the Cadaster 2035 project.

The purpose of the project is to look into how the role of registers containing spatial data will change when, for example, autonomous mobility, smart city structures and 3D land use planning all require high-quality spatial data materials and information on rights and limitations regarding land.

The most visible event of the National Land Survey during the presidency of Finland will be the congress and general meeting organised by the NLS on 20 and 21 November 2019 in Helsinki. The theme for the event will be 'Developing the Property Transaction ecosystem from the customers'.

The chair coincides with the presidency of the European Union. Hence, the National Land Survey of Finland takes the chair for the period between 1 July and 31 December 2019. The chair was transferred to Finland from the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration of Romania.

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Last updated: 24/09/2019