Finnish National Land Survey to focus on 14 acts of sustainability

Finnish National Land Survey to focus on 14 acts of sustainability

The National Land Survey (NLS) of Finland has selected 14 acts of sustainability to be promoted in 2023. The acts of sustainability are concrete development measures through which the organization will increase its handprint and reduce its footprint on society and the environment.

“Sustainability is part of our strategy and at the core of our operations. Through the acts of sustainability, we turn goals into practical measures. The second implementation year of our sustainability programme has now begun, and based on last year’s experiences, we are well positioned to continue our long-term and effective sustainability work,” says Maija Ilvonen, director of communications and sustainability.

“Our staff have welcomed the sustainability programme superbly and are committed to its goals. We have also received constructive feedback during the implementation of the programme, which is very valuable,” Ilvonen continues. The staff also participated in brainstorming the 2023 acts of sustainability. In addition to the staff, suggestions for acts of sustainability were collected from the NLS management teams.

“We received many good suggestions, from which we formed a suitable, goal-oriented and concrete plan for this year to promote all the themes of our sustainability programme. The acts of sustainability take our sustainability work at least 14 steps forward and towards our overall goal,” Maija Ilvonen concludes.

The NLS is committed to advancing a total of 50 acts of sustainability in its sustainability programme by the end of 2027. In the programme’s first year of implementation 2022, the NLS promoted 16 acts of sustainability, some of which were completed during the year while some continue to be developed as a multi-year or permanent activity.

People-based sustainability themes

The National Land Survey’s sustainability programme consists of four themes. The 2023 acts of sustainability included in the scope of the theme ‘Data to serve society’ will focus on developing low-emission and autonomous aviation through drones and by promoting joint development through a new open-source code solution.

This year, the theme ‘People who feel well’ is focused on promoting the diversity and inclusion of people through various experiments and development activities. In addition, the NLS policy on internal working languages will be put into practice.

In 2023, the National Land Survey is promoting a green energy transition through wind power projects and safeguarding biodiversity in land consolidation under the theme ‘Sustainable environment’. In addition, it will switch to more sustainable business, anniversary and trade-fair gifts, and improve the environmental sustainability of maps and other printouts.

The other acts of sustainability included in the scope of the theme ‘Responsible business and economy’ cover accessibility and data protection skills, sensible use of the NLS premises, responsible IT service procurement and the acts of sustainability of teams.

In addition to common acts of sustainability, each team of the NLS chooses its own act of sustainability for the first time this year. The goal is to jointly develop sustainability in everyday working life by sharing know-how, developing operating methods or doing good for others.

Punkaharju, one of the most beautiful landscape of ridges and lakes in eastern Finland
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