First Flyers Announced for ASPRS UAS Mapping 2015 Reno Symposium - 13/04/2015

UAS flyers are signing up to participate in the 2nd Annual UAS Mapping Test Flights. Ten firms have already expressed their interest in putting their systems through their paces, and many more firms are expected to join in. Flights will occur at Turf Farm outside of Reno, Nevada, USA, which hosted the test flights at the 2014 event. The organising committee already has compiled a varied programme.

Saturday-Sunday, 26-27 September: Test/calibration courses will be established for the UAS Mapping Test Flights to include ground surveyed targets, radiometric targets, undulating surfaces, “surprise” targets, and simulated flight restricted areas.  Areas will be established for testing rotary aircraft as well as areas for longer-endurance fixed-wing flights. Early event planning also promises coordinated activities with the Civil Air Patrol – information on that development will be forthcoming.

Monday, 28 September: ASPRS is also announcing a UAS Data Processing Workshop. Following two days of test flights, ASPRS will conduct a one-day workshop on the principles of UAS Photogrammetry as well as hands-on processing of UAS data (including data from the test flights).

Tuesday-Wednesday, 29-30 September: The Technical Symposium and Live Demonstration begins at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, 29 Sept,  and extends through 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 30 Sept. The event will be held at the Reno Ballroom in downtown Reno. Industry-leading practitioners, developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs will share their vision of the UAS landscape. Tuesday afternoon will feature a live demonstration of UASs in flight. These integrated activities are focused to advance knowledge of mapping science as it applies to, and benefits from, the emerging field of UAS.

Organisations interested in performing test flights on the calibration range should contact Pierre le Roux at [email protected] or 1.256.724.1587.

To find out more about the symposium and to pre-registerfor UAS Mapping 2015 Reno, visit To learn more about ASPRS, visit

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