First Forestry GIS Conference - 01/04/2011


Foresters and land managers will meet at the Esri Forestry GIS Solutions Conference from 24th to 26th May 2011, at Esri’s headquarters in Redlands, California (US). This group of like-minded forestry professionals will share their practical knowledge about and experiences in using geographic information systems (GIS) technology for their forest operations.



This is the first conference of its kind in America.  It is recognised by the Society of American Foresters and approved for continuing forestry education (CFE) credit hours. Esri has organised a programme consisting of speakers, paper sessions, technology workshops, idea discussions, an EXPO, and a field trip that will demonstrate real-world applications and give attendees hands-on experience with GIS for forestry.


Featured speakers are

· James E. Hubbard, deputy chief for state and private forestry, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service

· Michael T. Goergen, Jr., executive vice president and CEO, Society of American Foresters

· Bob Ewing, director, Timberlands Strategic Planning, Weyerhaeuser Co.

· Neal Ewald, vice president of California operations, Green Diamond Resources Co.

· Joseph K. Berry, president, Berry & Associates Spatial Information Systems

· Andrea Feunekes, co-CEO, Remsoft Inc.

· Kass Green, president, Kass Green & Associates


Registration for the Esri 2011 Forestry GIS Solutions Conference is open until May 10, 2011.



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