Fruitful First Edition for interaerial SOLUTIONS

Fruitful First Edition for interaerial SOLUTIONS

The interaerial SOLUTIONS communications platform which was premiered at Intergeo 2015 in Stuttgart really took off with exhibitors and visitors alike. Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) manufacturers and suppliers of all manner of UAS-related solutions took to the stage to fly high and showcase their skills. Uwe Nortmann, the managing director of Germany’s UAV association (UAV DACH), said Intergeo’s interaerial SOLUTIONS underlines the event’s clear positioning as the leading trade fair for applications involving unmanned aircraft systems. The event planners’ autopilot system is now firmly set for Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg.

The trifold combination of exhibition zone, aerial show and presentations program at interaerial SOLUTIONS worked an absolute treat. New exhibitors and seasoned customers alike lauded the success of the platform for UAS manufacturers and suppliers of all manner of UAS-related solutions. Ian Smith from Dronedeploy, based in San Francisco, USA, said it was their first time at Intergeo and they found the visitors to be extremely well-informed and very high-calibre.

Start-ups and large corporations

interaerial SOLUTIONS is designed to offer a very distinct port of call for civil applications of UAS. The new format – covering more than 80 UAS exhibitors, around 40 presentations on the applications and legal framework, and its fully-booked Flight Zone for live demonstrations – really took off. The applications for unmanned aircraft systems are exploding. Start-ups and large corporations alike want to establish a foothold in the market, said Uwe Nortmann, who contributed his expertise to the event. Intergeo is clearly forging ahead as the leading trade fair for UAV applications, he added..

Exhibitors and visitors alike were impressed by the launch of this new concept, praising the international credentials of its exhibition and programme in particular. Michael Niesen, managing director of Mavinci, commented he would say that the international clientèle attracted to interaerial SOLUTIONS makes it a future-proof platform. All UAS-relevant markets can be accessed from here. The high concentration of applications, the profound expertise offered by UAV DACH and the close-up live demos in the Flight Zone really took off with exhibitors and visitors alike.


Intergeo’s organiser Hinte is keen to use this tailwind of positive feedback as an extra incentive to expand interaerial SOLUTIONS at Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg. Daniel Katzer, head of trade fairs at Hinte commented they are only just embarking on commercial uses for UAS and will certainly be building upon this initial success at forthcoming events. The next runway for the UAS will be rolled out in June 2016 at the GEOSummit – Trade fair and conference for geoinformation in Bern, Switzerland, and then again in October at Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg.

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