Galdos for BC Land Management Bureau - 17/07/2006

The British Columbia (BC) Integrated Land Management Bureau is adding additional Galdos (a product of Galdos Systems, Canada) components to its current spatial database environment called the iTRIM (intelligent Terrain Resource Information Management) System. The new components add quality assurance and data loading capabilities; the XML-based web services are also designed for integration with the government security infrastructure. Galdos contracted Laser-Scan to supply the quality assurance aspect of the product deliverable.

The BC Integrated Land Management Bureau’s Base Mapping and Geomatic Services Branch (BMGS) initially embarked on the iTRIM project to:

  • Convert its file-based archive of tiled BC mapsheets to an integrated feature-based spatial database environment
  • Define and implement a sustainable data update and quality assurance process for automated maintenance of the spatial database.

“As agencies and organisations within both the public and private sector are dependent on accurate geographic data, we’ve been working with the Bureau to create a web-based spatial data infrastructure that encompasses and accurately reflects the geographic data of BC,” comments Ron Lake, CEO of Galdos Systems Inc. “In this next phase, we’re building additional components of the supply chain for geographic data. This will dramatically increase the currency and usability of mapping data to all organisations, agencies and companies that use it.”

Mike Sanderson, CEO, Laser-Scan, added “the iTRIM project represents a clear indication that the ability to re-use spatial data is entering the supply chain. Measuring conformance is an important component to certifying registry data. Users will demand certification before they commit to using spatial data in their decision-making processes.”

iTRIM will incorporate the latest release of the Galdos Cartalinea Web Feature Service and Laser-Scan's enterprise spatial data quality management tool, Radius Studio. In this deployment, Radius Studio is accessed as a web service by Cartalinea.
The combination of these products will enable the iTRIM system to perform automated quality procedures on all incoming data. Galdos INdicio Web Registry Service will also be integrated into the iTRIM QA sub-system providing a central metadata repository for the iTRIM data. This registry will ensure a clear provenance for all system transactions.

Last updated: 06/07/2020