Geneq Inc Announces SXblue F90 GNSS Receiver for Surveying

Geneq Inc Announces SXblue F90 GNSS Receiver for Surveying

Geneq Inc. has announced the SXblue F90, a multi-constellation GNSS receiver with very high level technology integration. The receiver hopes to fulfil the current surveyor’s demands in terms of performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

F90 tracks multi-constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou…) and can maximise the acquisition and tracking process with all-in-view GNSS satellite frequencies. Providing maximum performance for accuracy and real-time measurements, F90 also supports RTK correction service, including RTX service that can get cm accuracy without a base station. The GNSS also ensures high performance even in harsh environments such as under heavy canopy.

The F90 has a combination of GNSS, 4G, Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi antenna. With these highly integrated network modules, and without affecting accuracy and efficiency, the Receiver is made extremely light and small. Even with its magnesium alloy casing, it weighs 1kg and measures only 140mm x 157mm x 76mm.

With its integrated high-sensitive E-bubble and tilt survey algorithm, the F90 becomes a calibration-free GNSS receiver. Immune to magnetic disturbance and free from limitation of tilt angles, the F90 can be used to measure inaccessible points.

Equipped with an internal radio, enabling frequency band change from 410-470MHz, F90 can be used with different radio communication protocols. Another feature is its integrated second generation WEB UI control fully compatible with all devices and browsers.

The device comes with two smart hot swappable Lithium batteries (same battery used with SXPad 1000P data collector) that can allow uninterrupted field work for up to 10 hours.

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