Geo-3D Land Solution v4.1 - 28/06/2007

Geo-3D (Canada) has released Kronos V.4.1 data acquisition software and Trident-3D Analyst V.4.1 office extraction and analysis software.

When coupled, these products provide an end-to-end mobile asset inventory solution that is an efficient method to generate large asset inventories without compromising quality or accuracy.


These products now offer the following enhancements:


Roadscan Software Plug-In that includes:


3D Laser Point Cloud Generation

- Generates and displays point clouds derived from the scanning laser data in the 3D Map. Data output to CSV files or GIS layers.

- Provides filtering capabilities by GPS time, reflectivity measurements, and linear referencing to better assist with large data set handling.

- Provides clearance measurement capabilities overhead infrastructure such as overpasses or utility wires.


Automated Road Sign Detection (Incorporating Road Sign Recognition)

- Automatically computes an X, Y, Z coordinate and a sign code can be attributed using a sign library (e.g. MUTCD). Also computes road sign dimensions and height from the ground.


Automated Road Cross Section Generation

- Automatically generates road cross sections (also known as road cross fall) at user defined intervals.

- Automatically generates shoulder and ditch profiles at user defined intervals.


Integration of New Cameras, Lasers, and Positioning Systems

- Increased sensor integration for more flexible applications


More Modular and Scaleable Architecture

- Module Manager has been added to load modules and automation plug-ins as needed.

- New AVI Segmentation module has been added

- Existing modules improved (e.g. Recompute can now process multiple layers/traces at one time)


Single User Interface for Multiple Camera Views

- Links multiple camera views (by GPS time or spatially) using one interface; useful for change detection applications by linking historical data from past surveys.

- Has full measurement and positioning capabilities. Measurements can be taken across multiple views (e.g. to measure overpass width).



- New improvements in rack mount and shipping cases allow for use in remote (portable) applications.


Architecture Improvements

- New architecture to launch multiple Kronos sessions from one computer.

- New high performance and rugged computer chassis: multiple sensors can now be run from the same computer chassis (up to 3 devices in specific cases).

Last updated: 05/03/2020