GeoM Improves Aerial Mapping Accuracy - 16/07/2013

South African GeoM (formerly Geomatica) has invested in a navigation system designed to improve the locational accuracy and reliability of aerial survey data. The purchase of a 5th-generation Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS) from IGI represents the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality geographic data solutions specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of mining and power line industries.

Chief executive officer, Dean Polley considers the IGI CCNS 5 as more than a flight management system and calls it a complete guidance, positioning and sensor management solution. By integrating this system with existing cameras and Lidar scanners, as well as future, planned purchases, GeoM can according to him successfully complete surveys with a confidence not currently available from other providers.
IGI was the first company to introduce a GPS-based flight management system or CCNS and the fifth-generation system purchased by GeoM represents the next step for survey flights worldwide. The CCNS 5 is smaller, lighter and richer in functionality than both its predecessor and other systems currently available in the market place. The integrated system can operate all common sensor types including digital and analogue aerial camera systems as well as Lidar and SAR systems. The CCNS 5 is designed to work with IGI’s mission planning software and resulting data is compatible with most georeferencing post-processing packages.
GeoM purchased the IGI CCNS 5 from technology partners 3D Laser Mapping.

Last updated: 28/01/2021