GeoMarc Watermarking Software to USDA Foreign Agriculture Service - 10/01/2008

GCS Research, a prime vendor on the ASRC Management Services (ASRC MS) Prime Vendor Contract for the USDA, has been awarded a contract to provide GeoMarc digital watermarking technology to the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service (USDA FAS).

GeoMarc allows the USDA FAS to embed an imperceptible digital watermark into the pixels of satellite imagery. The watermark contains key pieces of metadata that is seared into the pixels of the imagery and will remain intact through the life of the image. 


The USDA FAS will leverage GeoMarc technology to embed an acquisition date/time stamp, among other things, as part of the watermark payload. When multiple watermarked images are mosaicked together, the watermark can be read and thematically displayed based on each unique date/time stamp.


GeoMarc is the world's first implementation of geospatial digital watermarking designed specifically for the geospatial industry. Available for server production environments and desktop exploitation applications, such as ESRI's ArcGIS, GeoMarc provides a set of tools to embed mission critical information into image pixels for copyright protection, automated metadata connectivity, vector data linking, thematic display and layer creation, integrated web services, and persistent georeferencing of geospatial imagery.

The GeoMarc purchase is executed through the USDA Prime Vendor Contract managed by ASRC Management Services (ASRC MS), Greenbelt, MD. The USDA FAS, Office of Global Analysis, International Production Assessment Division is responsible for global crop condition assessments and estimates of yield, and production for grains, oilseeds, and cotton. Their primary mission is to target, collect, analyse, and disseminate timely, objective, useful, and cost-effective global crop condition and agricultural production information. The division's purpose is to provide unbiased commodity estimates and forecasts to create a marketing edge for U.S. producers in world markets. The Prime Vendor Contract vehicle allows them to obtain satellite imagery services quickly and cost effectively.

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