Geomares Establishes Subsidiary for Technical B2B Marketing Services - 04/10/2018

Marketing and media company Geomares has announced that it is splitting off its marketing services and transferring them to a newly founded subsidiary: Factrics, marketing by facts. Durk Haarsma, director of strategy & business development at Geomares, explains: “This move represents a conscious choice to make a clear separation between our advertising and marketing services, both internally and externally. The Geomares brands remain an essential link in the interaction between professional buyers and businesses in the geomatics and hydrographic community.”

“With Factrics, we’re aiming to become the go-to digital marketing agency in the technical B2B industry, supported by our extensive industry experience in geomatics and hydrography, and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing,” Haarsma adds.

Marketing by facts

Factrics actively contributes to the growth of its customers by developing, executing and optimising effective business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing campaigns. Factrics distinguishes itself through its unique combination of knowledge and experience of both the technical geospatial B2B industry and the world of online marketing. Thanks to many years of expertise acquired at parent company Geomares, Factrics has a deep understanding of its customers and the market, and has access to unique insights into the needs and behaviour of its customers’ target groups.

Factrics’ services are subdivided to cover the three main aspects of technical B2B marketing: ‘strategy & advice’, ‘design & execution’ and ‘performance & optimisation’. Erik Wielink, account manager at Factrics, explains: “We help our clients to grow through innovative digital B2B marketing campaigns. Every client has different goals and needs, which is why we offer tailor-made advice instead of standard packages. Our expertise extends from websites to artwork, and from social media to content creation.”

For more information about Factrics and its technical B2B marketing services, visit the website:

Last updated: 22/10/2018