GeoSLAM Adds Indoor and Outdoor Handheld Scanner to Product Range

GeoSLAM Adds Indoor and Outdoor Handheld Scanner to Product Range

Geospatial mapping and monitoring technology specialist GeoSLAM has launched its latest innovation: the ZEB-HORIZON. Announced as the next generation of handheld 3D laser scanners, it is capable of rapidly capturing intricate indoor and outdoor measurements on UAVs situated up to 100m away from the subject.

The handheld scanner, which complements the existing ZEB range, is the first new product from the geospatial mapping and monitoring technology specialists, following its successful merger with 3D Laser Mapping. Harnessing the power of simultaneous, localisation and mapping (SLAM) technology, the ZEB-HORIZON’s advanced capabilities can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor use on UAVs, without the need for GPS.

Mounting a handheld laser scanner on a UAV

With the ability to be mounted on drones for aerial surveys in difficult-to-reach or potentially hazardous locations, the handheld laser solution allows users to deliver accurate results at speed, emitting 300,000 points per second, enabling detailed feature detection. The ZEB-HORIZON is an airborne laser scanner that doesn’t require an additional GNSS/IMU unit, saving significant amounts of weight and cutting costs for surveying teams. The unique technology in the product also enables the possibility of autonomous navigation including automatic obstacle avoidance.

Walk-and-scan data collection

Using a ‘walk-and-scan’ method of data collection, the scanner can also be incorporated into a backpack with a panoramic camera for enriched point clouds or a pole option for elevation and cradle for lowering below ground. GeoSLAM’s new handheld Lidar mapper is especially suitable for the construction, architecture, engineering and surveying industries – the ability to use the ZEB-HORIZON across both indoor or outdoor scan locations is set to shake up the 3D mobile mapping market.

Commenting on its launch, GeoSLAM founder and director of innovation, Graham Hunter said this announcement is thanks in part to the recent merger with 3D Laser Mapping, which has meant the company  is now able to use their combined experience in international distribution, innovation and R&D to deliver the next generation of products to clients in an incredibly wide portfolio of industries.

ZEB-HORIZON’s release comes as GeoSLAM just has appointed a new CEO, Shelley Copsey, who has relocated from Data61 in Australia to bring her expertise of high growth technology companies.

Commenting on the launch, GeoSLAM’s new CEO, Shelley Copsey, stated she regards it a privilege to join GeoSLAM at this really exciting time. Copsey has worked alongside the business for a number of years, but is delighted to now be formally part of the team. The launch of ZEB-HORIZON and the new UAV capabilities are set to revolutionise how SLAM contributes to a firm’s data collection, Copsey believes.

More details on mapping and monitoring solutions from GeoSLAM are available here.  

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