Geospatial Data Research Think Tank - 11/05/2009

The Ordnance Survey has awarded a research contract to the Centre of Geospatial Science (CGS) to investigate future data and data management developments that might impact on Ordnance Survey's operations and services. In part fulfilment of this contract, CGS are organising a series of Think Tank events to explore relevant technology developments and to better understand how these developments might influence and impact on spatial data capture and usage in the future.



The second of Think Tank events is to be held on 13th July 2009 (Tuesday) at University of Nottingham and will cover the topic of "Crowd sourced data capture, geospatial mashups and its impact on NMAs".


The Think Tank Meeting will a one-day event with twelve experts drawn from a mix of academic, commercial and industry backgrounds. Selected participants may be invited to give brief presentations but in each case significant time will be allocated for discussion and open exploration of likely developments and potential consequences. The participants will be divided into four teams (each with three members) and will work on a given challenge. The meeting will operate according to Chatham House rules.


Interested participants are invited to submit short position paper (max 2 A4 pages) detailing their potential think tank contribution, expectations, vision and research interest, before 30 May 2009 to [email protected]


Travel and accommodation costs of all the selected participants will be reimbursed. Selection of invited experts will be made by the Ordnance Survey.


Think Tank Outcomes

  • Identify key research trends and developments in this theme

  • Identify mid-term (2-5 years) and long-term (6-10 years) research challenges in this theme

  • Produce report on the Think Tank findings.


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