Geospatial Data Supply Contracts - 09/05/2011


Ordnance Survey has awarded a new four-year Framework Agreement for the Supply and Maintenance of Geospatial Data, which replaces previous data collection contracts. The Framework Agreement will run from April 2011 to March 2015 and sees Ordnance Survey developing its external supplier base for the supply and maintenance of topography, imagery and height data and services, which are used to maintain the currency, accuracy and information content of its core databases.


The framework agreement is divided into three lots and has been awarded in three lots.


Lot 1 includes Remotely Sensed Data Acquisition and contracts are awarded to Blom Aerofilms Limited, COWI A/S and Getmapping Limited. Lot 2 includes Imagery data management and processing, which is contracted to Infoterra Limited. Lot 3 includes Capture and maintenance of geospatial data content, awarded to Blom Aerofilms Limited; COWI A/S, Infotech Enterprises Europe Limited and Photarc Surveys Limited.


Last updated: 14/10/2019