GeoSpatial Experts Thales Partner - 22/06/2006

Thales’ navigation business (CA, USA) has formed another partnership in its Business Partner Program aimed at providing MobileMapper CE customers with a broad choice of software applications to suit their GPS and GIS needs.

New Business Partner GeoSpatial Experts offers GPS-Photo Link software, which is now fully compatible with the Thales MobileMapper CE handheld GIS data collector. This solution delivers digital photo geo-referencing capabilities for nearly any GIS application including asset management, utilities, forestry, national parks services and many more.

GPS-Photo Link provides a simple and well-organised photo geo-referencing solution with output formats including html, Google Earth and ESRI shapefile. Users can capture their position with sub-metre accuracy using MobileMapper CE and automatically apply location data to digital photos taken at the same spot using the GPS-Photo Link PC software. The result is geo-intelligent data enriched with images that can make managing resources and projects easier and more efficient.

Any digital camera may be used for this application, and the Ricoh Pro G3 digital camera may be connected to MobileMapper CE with its optional Bluetooth wireless technology for fast and convenient real-time data transfer in applications where geo-referenced digital imagery is required.

Last updated: 05/07/2020