GIM International launches exclusive podcast series in partnership with Mapping the Conversations

GIM International launches exclusive podcast series in partnership with Mapping the Conversations

GIM International is proud to announce the launch of its new podcast series in partnership with geospatial scientist, author and entrepreneur Valrie Grant of Mapping the Conversations. Twice a month, she will produce exclusive episodes for GIM International that explore the crucial role of the geospatial sector in safeguarding the future of our planet.

‘Mapping the Conversations’ shines the spotlight on the intersection of geospatial technology with the delicate balance on planet Earth in the face of today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. In each episode, Grant takes listeners on an exhilarating journey, guiding them through the intricacies of location intelligence and data-driven insights to shape the future.

Avant-garde geospatial insights

This partnership marks an exciting collaboration between GIM International, a leading media platform in the geospatial industry, and Grant, who has emerged as a pioneering voice in exploring the applications and implications of geospatial technology.

“It is an honour to bring Valrie Grant’s insightful podcasts to our audience,” says Durk Haarsma, director of strategy & business development at Geomares, the publisher of GIM International. “Her expertise and passion for the connection between geospatial technology and environmental sustainability align perfectly with our commitment to providing avant-garde insights to professionals in our field.”

Valrie Grant, the driving force behind Mapping the Conversations, expresses her enthusiasm for the partnership: “It is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with GIM International in sharing the transformative potential of geospatial technology with a wide audience across the globe. Together, we can inspire meaningful dialogue and drive positive change in how we perceive and interact with our planet. GIM International provides an excellent platform for this endeavour.”

In each episode, Grant will delve into the untapped opportunities and challenges in harnessing geospatial technology for a sustainable future. Listeners can look forward to engaging discussions, expert interviews and thought-provoking insights on topics ranging from urban planning and disaster management, to biodiversity conservation and climate resilience.

The podcast series is available on the GIM International website and various podcast platforms. Two new episodes will be released per month. See here for more!

Valrie Grant, the driving force behind Mapping the Conversations. (Image courtesy: Valrie Grant)
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