GIS for Environmental Impact Assessment - 18/11/2010

SuperGeo Malaysia successfully promoted SuperGIS Desktop to Capai Cerah, a consultancy company in Malaysia, for improving GIS projects in environmental impact assessment. This company targets at project services for several government sectors in Malaysia.

Since SuperGIS Desktop offers GIS tools for users to process, display, edit, manage, query, and analyse spatial data on a professional GIS platform, Capai Cerah would like to utilise the software to enhance the map display and visualised analyses for government projects. Different sectors can therefore employ the results to assist decision and policy making with GIS technologies in a visualised way.

This procurement is contributed by SuperGeo Malaysia, the subsidiary company co-built by SuperGeo Technologies and its local exclusive partner, Axis Commerce. SuperGeo Malaysia has penetrated the local GIS market successfully and expects to recruit more sub-dealers in the near future.

Last updated: 22/10/2020