GIS Technology for Sustainable Forest Management - 24/10/2012

SuperGeo Technologies has announced that the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry will utilise SuperPad 3 on the recommendation of the local reseller, Datascrip, to complete efficient field mapping and data collection for improving the country's forest management and planning.

Timber is one of the greatest renewable resources on Earth and plays a significant role in maintaining ecological balance and conserving biodiversity. As the key administration of the nation’s forests, the Ministry of Forestry in Indonesia intends to use GIS technology to effectively plan and carry out the projects on forestry operations, timber conservation, utilisation, and development.

In implementing forest management plans, it is necessary to have accurate data on which to reach decisions. Featuring the interface, enhanced GPS support, and smart editing toolbar, SuperPad 3 can help surveyors overcome the drawbacks such as inaccurate measurement during field surveys, allowing for sharing updated spatial data across the organisation and facilitating the reusability of forest data.

To promote the use of GIS technology in Indonesia, Datascrip assists the governmental institutes and businesses in establishing integrated solutions with SuperGIS software to fulfil their application needs. Through collaborating with Datascrip, SuperGeo hopes to continually find new business opportunities in the Indonesian market.

Last updated: 30/05/2020