Global 3D Mapping Platform to Visualise Location-based Services and Interiors - 29/10/2015

eeGeo, the UK-based 3D mapping company, has launched its geospatial meta-mapping platform which enables organisations to build interactive mobile applications to deliver content and location-based information. The eeGeo platform enables businesses across a range of sectors to easily visualise complex datasets on a geospatially accurate representation of the interior and exterior world. The platform is disrupting the industry through enabling customers to deliver engaging, compelling and differentiated 3D map experiences.

The world is a three-dimensional space and the eeGeo platform accurately represents this as a global 3D map, transitioning seamlessly from outdoors with detail of all terrain, roads and landmarks, to the interior of buildings, right down to office, desk or counter level, said Ian Hetherington, CEO, eeGeo. The company is able to visualise any space in intricate detail, including airports, shopping malls, museums, offices, stadiums and whole campuses. They enable location-based services in the widest sense, encompassing many vertical markets. With eeGeo’s solutions, businesses can extract meaningful understanding and insight from big data, all on one single integrated platform. The most powerful differentiator is the ability to engage and retain users, a legacy of the company’s video game roots.

Countries and cities

Hetherington continued this is a platform of true scale; to date eeGeo has built the entire USA, Britain, Canada and Japan, plus a host of iconic cities around the world. Building whole countries is carried out in response to customer demand, the process taking only a matter of weeks to create a country-wide, cloud-based map. This dynamic, interactive world enables clients to highlight key destinations and places of interest specific to their brand, enriching the end user experience. eeGeo has helped clients within the facilities management, travel, tourism, local media and advertising sectors to successfully launch applications to better visualise data, increase engagement with customers and differentiate as brands, Hetherington added.

This is no mean feat – after four years of intensive development the company is really excited to bring eeGeo to market. The applications and use cases of the eeGeo platform are endless. In an increasingly mobile-first world it provides the ability to present multiple real-time data feeds within one visually stunning app, enabling end users to visualise, understand and act on information instantly and intuitively, Hetherington said.


The cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform can ingest raw map and GIS data from any source, creating integrated 3D maps of any building interior, city or country. The platform delivers high performance, real-time streaming of the 3D maps over wireless networks, eliminating the need to store map data in the application or on the device. Streaming is optimised for mainstream mobile devices and low bandwidth networks to deliver a dynamic, interactive experience to all users. The platform software development kit enables customers to develop applications on a full range of device architectures including smartphones, tablets, browsers, PCs and virtual reality headsets.

The eeGeo 3D geospatial meta-mapping platform provides its customers with the following advantages: 

  • Clear differentiation from competitors through the ability to fully customise the appearance and functionality of the map, specific to brand preferences
  • The ability to map the interior and exterior of buildings, providing an instantly recognisable environment for orientation and information discovery and an engaging user experience
  • No restrictions on business models, data or service types means that customers have the freedom to include all types of localised search and advertising results, to including display advertising and dynamic content
  • Transparent and cost effective, per-active-user, monthly pricing models enable customers to control the services margin without any surprises

Recce, the eeGeo proof-of-concept application, can be downloaded through the Android and iOS app stores. Recce provides users with insight into the eeGeo experience and is an example of some of the platform’s capabilities. Users can explore and navigate their way through major cities in 3D such as London, San Francisco and New York, whilst discovering key points of interest around them.

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Last updated: 27/09/2020