Global Mapper v15.1 Supports MS SQL Spatial and 3D Updates to Path Profile Tool - 16/01/2014

Blue Marble Geographics (USA) has released Global Mapper version 15.1. This minor release features read/write support for MS SQL Server Spatial databases as well as updates to both the path profile and raster calculator tools.

This minor release features a variety of updates to both the Global Mapper base product and the Global Mapper Lidar Module. Added support for MS SQL Spatial databases enables Global Mapper to support all available spatial database types. A significant new release enhancement includes 3D support for displaying a path profile across separate terrain surfaces. This allows users to easily compare the surface of multiple loaded terrain layers along a path. This release also features added support for specifying to sample elevations from gridded terrain surfaces along a corridor in the path profile to easily get the minimum, maximum, or average elevation surrounding the path.

An update to the Mathematical Raster Calculator released at version 15 includes support for calculations from elevation grid layers. The release includes speed enhancements to the raster/elevation exports cropped to complex area features, which is important for very complex areas (i.e. hundreds or thousands of vertices). With this update the exports may be 10 times as fast or more. This release includes new built-in links to several online cloud-based data sources, including all NASA GIBS (Global Imagery Browse Services) sources, Landsat8 imagery Lidar data (new Lidar group in dialog) from the USGS EarthExplorer web site and GlobCover ESA2009 Land Cover data. The update includes an added attribute setup tab to Shapefile export to allow customising exported attribute types and lengths, and many other updates.

Enhancements to the Lidar Module in v15.1 will leverage the 3D updates to the path profile tool, and also includes a new selection option on the path profile dialogue with Lidar points shown, to select by drawing a polygon, support for loading Leica PTS point cloud files and a new option when batch converting to Lidar LAS/LAZ files to apply colour from loaded imagery.

Last updated: 30/05/2020