Google Earth Functionality to GPS-Photo Link Software - 05/04/2006

Version 4.0 of GeoSpatial Experts’ GPS-Photo Link digital image mapping software has been released. Among the many upgrades in Version 4.0, GPS-Photo Link now allows users to display their digital photographs in the Google Earth environment. GPS-Photo Link is a digital image mapping software that links digital photographic images to GPS location data in the GIS environment.

New functionality enables users to display their photo locations as icons in a Google Earth map layer and add an arrow indicating the direction in which the photo was taken. This direction information can be input manually or extracted automatically by GPS-Photo Link from the Ricoh digital camera. The photo mapping software can also determine the zoom angle of the Ricoh camera lens during photo acquisition and display the field of view as a two-dimensional triangle or three-dimensional cone in the 2D or 3D Google Earth map.

Other upgrades in GPS-Photo Link 4.0 include the following:

  • GPX File Format Support (GPX) enables users to interface with a greater variety of programs, including Garmin’s MapSource for GPS data input and photo viewing
  • redesigned watermark screen gives user more options for adding key information to photos and deciding where to place the watermarks
  • user logos can now be added to watermarked photos
  • photos can be processed in any directory on the user’s computer
  • GPS track logs can be represented in Google or MapSource to display the sequence in which digital photos were acquired
  • users can select from many icons (including rotated arrows) to portray photo locations on the automatically generated web pages.

    Last updated: 28/10/2020