GPS Learning CD - 22/02/2011

SuperGeo Technologies has released the GPS Learning CD, its brand-new teaching material for Global Positioning System (GPS) operation, is now released worldwide. GPS Learning CD is mainly aimed at GPS beginners. The CD contains abundant and complete GIS knowledge, including the history of GPS, operation principle, signal format, methods to position and measure, etc.

In the past, GPS concepts have been difficult to be demonstrated in traditional media. However, with Flash animation, GPS concepts now can be presented dynamically in animation. Accordingly, beginners can effectively acquire the basic knowledge of GPS through the organised and vivid learning environment.

With the comprehensive contents and clear descriptions, GPS Learning CD can be used by college lecturers as course materials. By employing GPS Learning CD, lecturers can save a great amount of time preparing for the course, and meanwhile avoid the mistakes caused by citing incorrect sources from the Internet.

Aside from assisting lecturers in teaching, GPS Learning CD is also suitable for the people who engage in GPS-related business. They can obtain the knowledge about GPS and fundamental notions by themselves as the CD covers sufficient information of how to manipulate GPS.

Last updated: 05/03/2020