GPS Learning CD for Fiji Government - 10/08/2011

The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Fiji Islands, has selected the GPS Learning CD of SuperGeo Technologies for the staff to obtain comprehensive GPS knowledge about the operating principles, signal formats, datum, positioning methods and measure, etc.



The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources aims to promote the socio-economic development in Fiji by utilising suitable technologies and materials to manage and enhance the land and resource use. The Mapping and Land Information Department at the Ministry has purchased GPS Learning CD aiming to maximise land use and optimise the exploration and mining of mineral resources,.


Designed for GPS (Global Positioning System) users and surveyors, GPS Learning CD includes vivid flash animation combining with clear description to well present the development history, abundant knowledge and various applications of GPS. With the CD, the office and field workers are able to better understand the framework and principles of the whole GPS concepts and therefore improve their manipulation and work efficiency.


In addition to GPS Learning CD, SuperGeo also produces the GIS Learning CD to help GIS-related workers and users learn GIS concepts using the same flash animation techniques. The two CDs have been chosen by many companies, government agencies, and especially educational institutes. SuperGeo plans to release updated versions of both Learning CDs in the near future.


Last updated: 24/10/2020